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Welcome to the Arundel and South Downs Liberal Democrats

Our constituency of Arundel and South Downs comprises parts of four local-authority-based parties: Horsham & Crawley, Mid Sussex, Arun and Chichester. Its main feature is the South Downs National Park and the fortress 'city' of Arundel, but most of the electorate is spread across mainly prosperous townships and villages ranging from the largest, Hassocks, in the east through Steyning, Storrington, and Pulborough to historic Petworth in the west, including a number of other villages.

Meet Alison Bennett, prospective parliamentary candidate for Arundel and South Downs

Alison Bennett PPC for Arundel & South Downs

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  • Article: Mar 10, 2019
    By Joseph Foster

    The Liberal Democrats and the Green Party in Burgess Hill have agreed a ground-breaking partnership in Burgess Hill. They are pledging to work together for the benefit of the town and have agreed to back each other in the local elections on Thursday 2ndMay.

    In a joint statement Joe Foster, local Lib Dem chair and Anne Eves for the Green Party said, "We want to show the town that it is possible for two political parties to work constructively together and fight for the improvements that the town deserves and is crying out for.

  • Article: Mar 4, 2019

    As Theresa May keeps kicking the can down the road and the final say on Brexit still has not been secured, we have to march again. The new People's Vote March, aptly named the "Put It To The People March", is probably our last chance to make it loud and clear that we will not be inflicted an undemocratic, lie and dark money obtained, economy damaging, influence reducing, NHS and job destroying... Brexit. We had over 700,000 people on the street last October. This time, let's make it over one million!

  • Alison Bennett
    Article: Feb 22, 2019


    The defection of three Conservative MPs to The Independent Group has cast a light on an organised campaign to deselect Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames.

    Mid Sussex Liberal Democrats have pledged to fight a wave of right-wing Conservative 'entryists' in this May's local elections. Anna Soubry, one of the MPs who left the Conservative Party on Wednesday 20 February, highlighted in her resignation speech that Mid Sussex is one of many local Conservative Associations being transformed by Brexit extremists.

    LEAVE.EU is running a campaign urging former UKIPPERS to join the Conservative Party with the aim of deselecting sitting MPs and turning the party into a hard-right organisation. Leave.EU claims on its website that 25,0002 people have joined the Conservative Party as a result of this campaign. If true, it would mean that 1 in 5 members3 of the Conservative Party are now what are being called 'BLUKIPPERS'.

    Ms Soubry named Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames as one of their potential targets. She said: "Overwhelmingly the majority of associations are being infiltrated by nationally orchestrated entryism, blatantly designed to remove rebel MPs who they label traitors. Conservatives with the stature, the service and loyalty of Sir Nicholas Soames.

    Robert Eggleston, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Sussex said, "I am alarmed at what is happening to the Conservative Party. It is no longer a party of moderate 'small c' conservatives, but a party of zealots. With local elections to Mid Sussex District Council two months away, the Lib Dems are urging voters to look very carefully at the biographies of the Conservative candidates standing for election. This is especially true where sitting councillors are standing down and new candidates are seeking to be elected for the first time."
    Nicholas Soames, Sir Oliver Letwin, the former party chairman Dame Caroline Spelman, are being hounded and they are being pilloried."1

    Alison Bennett, the Arundel and South Downs Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Lib Dems added, "In the same way that we have seen Momentum take over the Labour Party, this 'Purple Momentum' is just as dangerous. The Liberal Democrats welcome the decision of moderate Labour and Conservative MPs who this week have said 'enough', and left their parties to sit as MPs in 'The Independent Group'. It is a brave decision, and we wish them well."




    Alison Bennett, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Arundel and South Downs
    Mobile - 07740 648956, Email - AlisonBennettLD@gmail.com


    1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/02/20/tory-grassroots-deny-blukip-infiltration-mp-defectors-accuse/
    2. https://leave.eu/deselect-these-shameful-tory-mps/
    3. The Conservative Party does not release its membership statistics. However, it was reported to be 124,000 people in April 2018. https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN05125
      25,000/124,000 = 1 in 5
  • Article: Jan 29, 2019
    In Mid Sussex Times

    Local Liberal Democrat's for Mid Sussex have been fighting against proposed cuts to bus services in Mid Sussex. The Tory led council is cutting £300,000 from the subsidised travel budget, and has now outlined which services will be affected.

    Lib Dem Kirsty Lord, county councillor for Hassocks and Burgess Hill South, said: "Residents repeatedly tell us that they want better services so that they can get around more easily. Buses are more environmentally friendly than cars and can reduce road congestion.

  • Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG
    Article: Jan 24, 2019
    By Alison Bennett, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Arundel and South Downs

    Research published by the BBC has revealed that patients of the Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG have the second worst access to a GP in England. In Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG, there is one GP for every 2,977 patients, whilst in the area with the best cover, one GP serves 1,200 patients. (The average is one GP for 1,734 patients). The only area worse off than ours is Swale in Kent, with one GP for 3,300 patients.

  • Robert Eggleston and Norman Lamb
    Article: Jan 22, 2019

    An analysis by the BBC has found that the Mid Sussex and Horsham area is the second worst part of the country when it comes to access to GP services. The shock analysis revealed that there was only 1 GP for every 2,997 patients.

    Commenting on these findings, Robert Eggleston Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Sussexsaid, "Mid Sussex GP practices are already struggling to cope with the demand on their services and residents across the constituency have complained about the difficulty of getting appointments. Demand is only going to increase as more major house building projects get underway, particularly around Burgess Hill. When you add in the pressures from an aging population you can easily see how quickly this shortfall can become critical for patient care."

  • Alison Bennett
    Article: Dec 2, 2018

    Dear Mr Herbert,

    I am writing this open letter in my capacity as the newly selected Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for our constituency of Arundel and South Downs. My reason for writing to you now is to ask you to reconsider your decision to support the Prime Minister's proposed EU withdrawal agreement.

  • Alison Bennett
    Article: Nov 23, 2018

    Arundel & South Downs Liberal Democrats have selected a local candidate, described by colleagues as a 'rising star' of the party, as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the next general election.

    In the week that saw the centenary of women being eligible to stand for parliament, party members gave their overwhelming backing to Alison Bennett when they met at a hustings event in West Chiltington on Tuesday (November 20).

  • Exit From Brexit Mid Sussex
    Article: Nov 19, 2018
    By Robert Eggleston

    Liberal Democrat PPC Robert Eggleston is calling upon local mid sussex political parties to support his call for a people's vote.

    As the hours ticked by last week it became increasingly clear that the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU was unlikely to command a majority in the House of Commons when MPs vote on it in December.

    A near fatal blow was dealt to it when the Brexit Secretary and lead political negotiator, Dominic Raab, resigned and disowned it.

    The UK faces a constitutional crisis the like of which it has not seen, certainly since Suez, and, possibly, since the House of Lords tried to block the Liberal Party's "People's Budget" in 1909. Historians may call this the "Deadlocked Parliament" because there is clearly no majority for either (i) the Withdrawal Agreement; or (ii) a "No deal Brexit" or; (iii) an "Exit From Brexit" (to paraphrase the three options made by the Prime Minister on Wednesday 14th November 2018).

    If Parliament cannot decide then an alternative way must be found to break the deadlock. I see the only way of doing that by returning to the country and seeking a fresh mandate from the British public in a referendum on the deal (a "People's Vote).

    As representatives of our respective political parties we should not be afraid of asking the voters of Mid Sussex whether they want Parliament to accept the draft Withdrawal Agreement, or leave without any deal or reverse this process and remain as members of the EU. We can do this by holding a People's Vote.

    My views on this matter are not a secret. In a People's Vote I will campaign on a platform which says that there is no better deal than to Remain in the EU. I believe that an examination of the evidence and the alternatives will bear this out. However, none of us will want to see a stalemate in Parliament continuing because of the uncertainty and disruption that it is causes to our democratic structures and our economy.

    My request to you is that you join with me in calling on Parliament to grant us a People's Vote. If Parliament cannot decide the people deserve the right to decide our next step. The choices before us are known and a People's Vote can give Parliament the authority it needs to settle this matter once and for all.

    Robert Eggleston,

    Liberal Democrat Prospective Parlimentary Candidate

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    Article: Nov 17, 2018

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